Attendance and Absences

To better serve you and your child, the following policy on absenteeism was devised:

  1. Children are allowed One Week of free child care per every paid 1 year. This can be used as sick leave or vacation period.
  2. This one week free will be credited to your account only after your child has been enrolled for one year.
  3. The director has to be notified prior to the week unless circumstances out of control arise.
  4. Families with multiples are allowed only one week of free child care also unless otherwise arranged through the director.
  5. If parents wish to keep their child/children out of the center for over that week, they will be charged for that week as if they were here.
  6. Only (1) one vacation week allowed at the same time (holiday, sick, spring break, etc.)
  7. Part-time students cannot receive a free vacation week.
  8. If your child is going to be absent that day, we ask that you call the center and let us know.

For further information about vacation/sick leave, holidays, and our refund policy, please consult our handbook.