Classroom Supply List

Little Dumplings requires the following labeled items be in your child’s cubby box as applicable:

Toddler and Infant Care
We ask that you provide the necessary items for your child:

  • Diapers, Pull-ups, Training pants with plastic rubbers
  • Baby wipes, diaper rash ointment with child’s name on it
  • Bottles with child’s name on it
  • Formulas/Milk gallon (infants only if using other than what we provide)
  • Baby Food (infants only if using other than what we provide)
  • Extra clothing for accidents
  • Medicine will not be given unless there is a medicine release form filled out completely and that the medicine is in the original bottle labeled with the child’s name

Little Dumplings will not be giving out bottles or sippy cups with sugar water, soda, coffee, or other sweetened drinks. Infants will not be force-fed.

What Items Should Be at Preschool

  • Please bring a bag or Standard size backpack to school with your child every day that can adequately hold ALL of your child’s belongings for the day. Please use the Standard size backpack as a guide for the size your child will need. DO NOT SEND ANYTHING LARGER THAN A STANDARD SIZE BACKPACK OR MORE THAN ONE BAG.
  • All children will need an extra change of clothing kept in their bags at all times. Please include a large zip lock sack for soiled garments.
  • Each child will have a work folder supplied by Little Dumplings sent home each day with your child’s work, letters from teachers, newsletter, art, and other work that your child did during the day. Please check this folder daily and ALWAYS keep it in your child’s backpack. You may also use it to send letters to your child’s teacher or director as well.
  • Label all clothing and other items. There cannot be any medication left in the bag.